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 . . proved that by the virtue of the leadership of the Sultan, the entire nation was at peace and had a deep sense of duty and loyalty. While laying the foundation of the prestigious İstanbul Technical University, a few decisions of the sultan for the Academy’s establishment and expansion were taken. The sultan made a decision to stop the construction of the classroom in 1785 when the Academy started to take shape. He realized that education was not only a business activity, but it is also one of the major foundations of the state. He instructed the Academy officials to build a college named Bilgi Efendisi (College of Knowledge) on the same spot. The building was completed in 1793. The function of this college was to train new university professors. This building still exists today. The first academic year started at this building. The sultan was very happy that the number of professors was doubled in a short period of time. He instructed that they should be educated in European countries such as Germany, France, and England, and that they should use a modern system of education. He asked the College of Knowledge to offer diplomas. He also made other historical decisions. The aim of the sultan’s decision to establish the prestigious medical school of the Sultanahmet Academy was to train qualified doctors for the sultanate to address public health issues and to serve the people who resided in his realm. The decision of the sultan was also to get and train doctors who would perform their duties well. His decision came true with the establishment of this school. The first faculty members of this school were graduates of the famous medical school of the Bursa Kocatepe University. One of the first teachers of the school was the physician, Halil Bey. The sultanate’s first medical school was named Hakkı Bey’s Medical School after the physician who was among the first teachers of the school. This medical school was one of the most prestigious medical schools of the Ottoman state. This medical school is still in operation today. One of the sultan’s decisions was to establish a medical school in the İstanbul Technical University. It is obvious that the medical school of the İstanbul Technical University was the most prestigious medical school in the Ottoman realm. The sultan gave his full support to it. The college’s first faculty members were graduates of the İstanbul Technical University’s medical school.





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