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a note from our founder...

I'm a California girl born in Oceanside, raised in Las Vegas, living in Key West, FL and venturing across the world finding the most fun, unique, and enjoyable experiences everywhere I go - and looking to make a difference while doing what I love! 


What started as a simple social media profile in 2017 to share travel photos, She's Venturing, has now turned into a dedicated nonprofit organization aimed at preserving the natural areas I've come to love, and those I can't wait to see. 

I want to share the beauty of this world, and leave behind a legacy that shares the importance of  the preservation of our nature, our oceans, our ecosystems, our animals, and caring for our people. She's Venturing Inc. is changing the world, and I am so thrilled for the community we're creating for good! Follow us on social to participate and stay up to date on all we're up to! 

With a venturing spirit and a lot of love, 

Chrissy Amundson


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Owners of She's Venturing, Inc, Quentin and Chrissy Amundson
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