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verb, present participle: venturing

  1. dare to do something

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Join us and become a Venturing change-maker! 

Congrats - you're a Venturer! Let's make some change!

We are a nonprofit organization supporting environmental preservation through clean-up efforts & awareness, encouraging sustainable travel, and fundraising for partner efforts & causes both locally, nationwide, and globally.

 As avid travelers we know the importance our environments have on our lives and future, and our travels have given us a constant reminder of the need for preservation. 


We are using our love of travel to connect and share this awe-inspiring world, and why preservation is so important. Through our connections & awareness events we bring together travelers from all areas with the same vision of thriving ecosystems and healthy communities. 


Your support for She's Venturing, Inc. allows us to continue our mission to support and bring awareness.

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