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Delray Getaway - Delray Beach, FL Fall 2020

When you love venturing, you take every opportunity - even a quick 24 hour getaway! We drove up from Key West, FL to one of our favorites, Delray Beach!

Delray's main drag, Atlantic Avenue is a beachside gem of perfect live music venues, quirky tequila bars, from-scratch restaurants, eclectic shopping, and even home to a Pinball Hall of Fame!

An evening spent on Atlantic Ave is perfect, from the twinkly light ambiance and bright street murals, to the salty ocean breeze and perfect weather...

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen -

Bleu cheese filet medallions and steak fajitas kicked off the night!

Silverball Museum - Pinball Hall of Fame -

There's a ton of live music, from the Tin Roof to Johnnie Brown's and more!

Delray Beach, FL

Even though we arrived at night, we had to go see the ocean waves, and capture some watercolor-esque photos - and the temperature of the water was perfect. Well worth a visit, even at night.

If you need a nice day-trip break away from your everyday, Delray Beach is a wonderful spot to do it!

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