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'Fall'ing for Altamont...TN - 2020

A quiet weekend drive through fields of yellow flowers and quaint farm homes leads to an unexpected surprise in Altamont, TN - Greeter Falls and the Blue Hole - oases in the middle of lush green trees.

Maybe the first sunny Sunday morning of the Spring season here wasn't the most well-planned timing, but after lucking out to find parking in a packed lot, we started on an easy dirt trail, to the left Greeter Falls, and to the right the Blue Hole. Heading left we quickly realized that the hiking-master's tips we read earlier describing this trail as easy and short were, let's say...optimistic. It's not too difficult to overcome but wear the right shoes as there are some steep areas, slippery rocks, and mud.

Don't peer over the edge if you have a fear of heights, though you'll be tempted as soon as you hear the rushing water! After climbing some muddy stairs, taking a spiral staircase down, and climbing over some fall-sprayed rocks, it was a sight for sore eyes to see a 50-foot waterfall pouring into a turquoise blue swimming hole. It was almost pretty enough to make us forget we weren't surrounded by families, dogs, and other eager hikers. Definitely recommended if you aren't a novice hiker, and at least willing to break a sweat climbing your way back up!

I opted to hit the other trail on our way back in, because I thought something called the Blue Hole would be worth seeing. This half-mile mini-trail proved a little friendlier, and easily opened up to more beautiful rushing water. Plan for extra time to dip your feet in off the edge.

All in all, I'd say these are two worthy, short hikes if you find yourself in Altamont, TN.

Greeter Falls and Blue Hole at

South Cumberland State Park in Altamont, TN

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